Skg. Nastya Popov



dark hair, little longer than regulation
fairly chatty
her carbine has a collapsible stock to accommodate her small stature, the fore-grip has the works “FEAR ME” crudely carved into it. She carries this weapon around with her at all times.


Worked in the mines on Novaskagg
Her husband volunteered for the guard too and died on Scythera
By Skaggi standards she is trigger happy


1. Full name?
Anastasia Popov (formerly Anastasia Lubeki)
2. Any nicknames?
3. How old is your character?
5. In what region were they born?
Heavily mined region
6. Was he/she named after anyone?
Nope, name was common enough and sounded nice.
7. Hair color and style?
Dark brown, cut shorter, but lust a little longer than IG regulation
8. Eye color?
9. Is your character a male or a female?
12. Name one distinct physical feature about your character and why you chose it:
Short, to provide contrast to the stereotypical strapping guardsman image
14. Does your character have a family? (If not, explain)
Her husband, Niccolai, died on Scythera. She probably still has living family members on Novaskagg
15. Is your character attractive? (Perhaps a girl is born pretty, or maybe an office worker strives to look professional to be taken seriously. Think about not just beauty.)
She is, I wanted to show that she could be tough and still keep her femininity.
16. Does your character have a lot of friends?
She makes friends quickly and her loyal nature lets her keep them.
17. Is your character hated?
Not by anyone in the Imperium
18. Is your character in good health?
Tip-top shape
19. Is your character smart in any way? What’s his/her IQ?
Average intelligence; just flexible enough to change battlefield plans on the fly but not smart enough to question orders.
20. What does your character prefer to wear? Any embellishments to their uniform?
She treats her carbine as if it were part of her uniform. She likes wearing a headband when not wearing her helmet.
21. Would your character keep a diary/journal?
Can’t write. She is introspective enough that she might if she could.
22. Is your character active in their devotion to The Emperor? Any specific beliefs or traditions?
She prefers the traditional Skaggi “Battlefield Praise” method.

1. Do looks matter to your character?
More than she would like to admit, though heroism is the most attractive thing to her.
2. Does your character trust others easily?
Yes, to survive, everyone must act as a group and she trusts her squad to not let her down. She would not give a member of another regiment that trust so easily.
3. What’s a tough decision he/she has been forced to make?
To volunteer for the guard or not.
4. What is the first thing your character notices in the opposite sex?
She is a sucker for a strong jaw line.
5. Is your character introverted or extroverted? Why?
A bit extroverted, she would be classified as “chatty”. It acts as a coping mechanism for the difficult thoughts swirling in her head.
6. Does your character like music?
She likes dancing to it, though she can’t play.
7. What does your character think about other people in general?
If you are not a death worlder, you are soft and take what the Imperium does for you for granted. She does find the concept of non-death worlds fascinating though a little revolting.
10. Name 3 hobbies your character has:
Tidying up
11. What is your character’s role in the squad? How did they get assigned that role?
Fire support and following orders. She is assigned this by not excelling in anything.
12. Is your character in any way strong? Physically or emotionally?
She is not particularly strong, physically. Emotionally, she will keep going no matter the adversity in front of her.
13. Name the 3 most annoying things about your character:
She lacks personal drive
She is chipper first thing in the morning
Over punctuality makes other look bady
14. How does your character handle emotions?
She doesn’t deal with them immediately, then reflects on them too much later.
15. Does your character overreact?
No, she is very level headed
16. Does he/she prefer to work alone, or in a group?
The group is where humanity is its strongest
17. Has he/she encountered tragic times in his/her life?
Her husband died in front of her at the hands of Eldar. She has had three miscarriages; two on Novaskagg due to the stress on her body from living in death world conditions and one in the guard due to the stress of warfare.
18. Name 3 bad habits your character has:
Tunes out during debriefing
Absent mindedly taps feet and wiggles legs
Squirrels away food stolen from the mess
19. What was the best moment in your character’s life?
Seeing her husband be the first to volunteer from their province for service in the Imperial Guard.
20. Does your character have a bad temper?
21. Does your character get depressed often?
Yes, talking about it helps a lot
22. Is he/she impatient?
23. Does your character have any fears?
Not any more, the guard has beaten that out of her
24. Name 3 flaws or weaknesses your character has:
Will not step up to make crucial decisions
She is a follower
Doesn’t work well in mixed regiment settings
25. Does your character have any beliefs?
What they are doing is right for humanity. The galaxy needs to be pacified.
26. Name 3 achievements your character has made:
Minor managerial role in the mines
Acceptance into the Imperial Guard
Hasn’t died yet
27. What’s something funny about your character?
She does a spot on impression of Mjr. Cheznakova
28. Does your character have any secrets? (Elaborate please)
Her pregnancies were
29. Does your character think he/she is better than everyone else?
No, she views most others as better than her
30. What’s his/her dream job?
That is an interesting topic and she would like to debate it with you.
31. Is your character racist/sexist/elitist in any way (think in the context of regimental homeworlds and operational doctrines)? How?
Death-worlders are the most reliable folk in the galaxy
32. Does your character have Road Rage?
33. How did your character get their combat training? Ex. The Rangers on Novaskag defend the oil pipeline from raiders and monstrous wildlife.
She had the basic familiarity with lasguns that all Skaggis have and received the rest after joining the guard.
34. If your character was allowed to retire from the Imperial Guard, what would they do?
She is not certain and would like to talk to the rest of her squad about the topic.

Likes and Dislikes

1. Name 3 things your character likes and why:
Wild flowers
Cozy shelter after being out in the cold
2. Name 3 things your character dislikes and why:
Pranks, someone usually gets hurt
Space, too much nothingness
Large bodies of water, people were not meant to be near those
4. Does your character like to be outside?
Yes, as long as it is not for too long
5. Does he/she like sports?
Not especially
6. Does your character like animals?
Like most Skaggi, she has trouble not seeing any animal as food.
7. Does your character like cake?
No, it feels to decadent.
8. What is your character’s preferred:

a. Food?
Fruit cocktail
b. Drink?
Orange drink
d. Color?
Dark green
e. Meal of the day?
f. Time of day?
Mid day
g. Saying?
“That sounds like a bad idea, I’ll come with you.”
h. Place to be?
In the barracks with the rest of the squad
i. Activity?
Patrol duty
j. Time of the year? (could be a specific date or more general)
9. What is your character’s least favorite thing about him/herself?
How small and weak she is, she would have loved to be a boomer
10. What is your character’s most hated:

l. Food?
m. Drink?
n. Type of person?
o. Time of year?
p. Activity?
q. Place to be?
In a long Valkyrie ride, prolonging the nervous anxiety before a drop
Because I Can

1. Most likely, how does your character feel today?
2. What advice would your character give to others?
“What advice do you have?”
3. Did he/she check ‘yes’ on the organ donor box on their driver’s license?
4. Does your character wear his/her seatbelt when in a car?
7. Coffee or tea?
9. What is one thing your character always has with him/her?
Her carbine
10. How does your character feel about kids?
She wants them badly
12. What did he/she do last night?
Chatted with her squad mates while preparing her things for the next day before going to bed
15. Most likely, what is he/she doing right now?
Musing to her self
16. There is thing that stands out about your character. What is it?
The juxtaposition of a tiny lady with a large gun
18. Anything else your character would like to add?

Skg. Nastya Popov

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