Father Adislov Volkov

Emperor's Brand


The holy brand of the God-Emperor, burning with a desire to purge the unclean. He favors the cleansing flamer and excising chainsword, to burn away the mutant, the heretic, and the hated xeno. He lives in His name.

Specialty WS BS S T A I P W F PTS
Ministorum Priest
Wounds Fate Pts Fatigue Armour(H/RA/B/LA/RL/LL) H/F/Chg/Run
5/5/5/5/5/5 3/6/9/18
Wargear Skills(b) Talents
Standard Kit Flamer Op(Aeronatica (+0) Unshakeable Faith
Acquila Pendant 2 Stun Grenades Survival (+0) Weapon Training (chain, las, flame, low-tech)
Lascarbine 3 Frag/3 Smoke Grenades Hatred (eldar)
6 Power Packs Warknife Catfall
Light Sleeper
Rapid Reaction
Aptitudes Comrade Orders
Fellowship, Ldrship, Soc, Perc, Str, WS, Will Close Quarters, Ranged Volley, Take Cover!

Father Adislov Volkov

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