Supply Depot Gamma 29

Commanding Officer: Col. Scantling
Platoon Liason Officer: Lt. Barksdale

The Supply Depot had sustained significant damage from ork attacks, many buildings have been destroyed and replaced with temporary structures. General base personnel numbers are greatly down leading to a surplus of gear (+10 to requisition items of Average availability or better).

The orks have been successful is several supply raids including looting several chimera.


  • Airfield: Runway damaged in assault. 2 valkyries (multi-laser/multiple missile pods & multi-laser/Hellstorm missiles), 1 Sky Talon heavy-lift pattern valkyrie, 1 vendetta gunship
  • Motorpool: double-fenced, heavy guard. Dozens of Chimera armoured transports & several Sentinel Scout Walkers
  • The Hole: Enlisted Recreation Hall. Required drink chit for entry, Commissariat Supervision
  • Officers Club: Officers Recreation Hall…not admittance to enlisted personnel.
  • Infirmary: Reasonable-quality facilities, wounded must stay in large outer tent until worked through the system.
  • Mess Tent: Serves in waves for each meal time. Tables are uncovered outside the serving tent. Manned by Ratlings.
  • Command Bastion: Houses Command & Control, Armory, Quartermaster, and Critical Communications. Armory is subterranean.
  • Distributed Storage: container yards and warehouses throughout the Supply Base. Multiple Utility Walkers and conveyor vehicles to maneuver materials and cargo.
  • Target Range: Limited ammunition issued per visit, Range Officer has final say on admittance and supplied ammunition (which has been generous of late).
  • Barracks: Longhouse style buildings serve a barracks for each platoon housed on the base. Each soldier has a footlocker and bed, which folds up against the wall when not in use. The back end of the building contains the showers and washrooms, a private room form the platoon commander, and a small meeting room.


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