Non-Regimental Personnel

Fort Chambers-
Inquisitor Tharne – Ordo Hereticus, your new master
Mjr. Cheznakova – Commander of Novaskaggi VII, 3rd company
Lt. Kojomjarov – Commander of Novaskaggi VII, 3rd company, 2nd platoon (the party’s platoon)
Houshang Gibrahan – Rogue Trader
Mother Afet Kora – Priestess in the Heimroc zone
Cenaida Santiesteban – acolyte to Mother Afet
Albert Tuur – acolyte to Mother Aftet
Signe Dhanapal – gear dealer
Ramiro Blangsted – armor dealer
Regine Andronicus – weapon dealer
Troi Nyamodo – gun-toting centurion nerd
Jokul Chaowalit – mortician
Eiko O’Connor – melee weapon dealer
Sylvia Imanishi – ammo dealer
Betje Byun – gun dealer
Dr. Gabrielle Compagnoni – one of the doctors in service to Gibrahan
Baya Diadematius – weapon dealer
Thora Guilli – armor and general goods dealer
Nyam Tsultem – dealer of fancy wears, larger than life personality who travels everywhere with her laud-hailer servitor
Rondo – drunk
Detlef – drunk
Gombo – ratling, mess server

Supply Base Gamma 29-

Mjr. Bjeregard -CO – Brontian Longknives 4th Company – Supply Depot Gamma 29
Guardsman Bjarne Westergard – Ogrun handler, bonded with Oksana over dealing with difficult charges
Mjr. Djang – -CO – Jingkai Ghost Walkers
Father Augostan – Head Priest of Supply Depot Gamma 29
Deacon Pirastesh -Shrine Deacon
Deacon Ercole – Shrine Deacon
Pedesse – Ratling cook…among other things
Sgt. Shackleford – Quartermaster
Dr. Atchinson – Medicenter Chirugeon
Mjr. Bhattakar – Pilot of the Valkyrie, “Dawn’s Glory”
Lt. Kishore – Bhattakar’s navigator
Sgt. Dixon – Officer of the squad of storm troops at Gamma 29, cock
Adept Antonius – Tech-Priest


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