“…We are brothers and sisters, in the realest sense of the word.The men birthed by your mother…are gone. The girls fathered by your father…are gone. Your father is gone. Our mothers…gone. Our world…beyond our reach, our words, and our cries. Beautiful Novaskag can only hear our prayers, through the Emperor. It exists only in the hearts of the men and women next to you right now, your new brothers, your new sisters. Our father is now the All Father. Our mother is now the sky from which we leap.

I am a Novaskaggi Seventh Heimroc! Death will never bring me fear…for I am already dead!”
-Col. Yolni Gagarin, Commanding Officer, No
vaskaggi VII Drop Infantry

In the 41st Millenium, the blackness of space is a pall that settles over the hearts of men and women across the vast, galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man. Behind every star in the sky a threat to man’s continued existence lay waiting for its time to strike. The alien seeks to claim the Emperor’s worlds, the Great Enemy seeks far worse…human souls, and as the veneer of unity cracks and buckles under the strain of a vast bureaucracy, worlds and sectors revolt against the Beloved Emperor in wars of rebellion.

The only thing standing between Mankind and his utter destruction is a thinly-spread, but none-the-less mammoth force of the best warriors humanity can muster: the Legions of the Adeptus Astartes, Imperial Navy, and, most numerous, the Imperial Guard. Soldiers in their billions man the front lines of mankind’s fight for survival. They speak many languages, hail from very different planets, and fight in many different ways, but one thing holds true among them all…their courage in the face of incalculable horror. That mere mortal men can withstand the soul-destroying events Imperial Guardsmen come to witness in their service, however brief, is a testament to mankind’s enduring will to survive.

They are the Hammer of the Emperor, and they know Only War ©.

Novaskaggi Heimrocs

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