Fort Chambers

A stone-built city squatting on a coast-line, Fort Chambers is far better fortified than forward supply bases like Gamma 29. The Imperial Military is centered in a walled airbase near the docks, which houses four guard regiments and support detachments from the Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Navy, Ministorum, and even a rogue trader.

Each regiment is assigned quarters among the city structures bordering the Naval airfield, with the various rogue trader elements spread along a corridor of buildings adjacent to the field.

  • Novaskaggi VII Drop Infantry: The Heimrocs are established in cluster of interconnected buildings centered around an open courtyard.
  • Jingkai Ghostwalkers: Tight-lipped soldiers well-equipped for clandestine operations.
  • Brontian Longknives IV Regiment: Tough, lethal street fighters adept at the kind of maddening close-quarters engagments required to wrest settled territory from the xeno. Currently quartered in a dense habcluster near a warehouse for their Ogrin.
  • Scintillan Fusileers Mechanized Infantry: Disciplined soldiers drilled to advance rapidly across the field to break enemy formations. They’re quartered in a neighborhood once occupied by the city’s upper-middle class.
  • Navy: Various hangars and outbuildings among the many landing pads of the air field.
  • Rogue Trader Housang Gibrahan: Rag-tag infantry recruited from dozens of star systems, combined with a well-maintained Leman Russ regiment providing the necessary punch to deal with the many outlandish, but tough, ork battle tanks. Among their spread-out personnel are various traders and cantinas operated by Housang’s crew.


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